Thursday, July 31, 2014

Get Ready to Celebrate National Dog Day at Gerbeaux Dog Bakery

The month of August is upon us and exciting for a variety of reasons: school is starting back up, football season is around the corner, the weather will be getting cooler soon and for our furry friends- it brings in National Dog Day (Also known as International Dog Day & Dog Appreciation Day )! 

In 2004, National Dog Day was founded on the premise of reminding pet owners that their dogs hold a significant role in their lives. Since this special event is right around the corner, how can we show our pup their deserved appreciation on their special day? Treat your dog to a healthy dog treat

What better way to honor your pup than providing a great dog treat from Gerbeaux Dog Bakery! Gerbeaux Dog Bakery love and adore their pets so getting your dog treats at Gerbeaux Dog Bakery ensures that they are getting the best quality dog treats around! We know it, because we make them!

We have un-iced dog treats, seasonal / holiday iced dog cookies, dog birthday cookies and can even personalize dog treats for you. Read all about Gerbeaux Dog Bakery on our new website at If you have a retail dog boutique - apply for our wholesale program. 

We work very closely with local rescue groups and our local Humane Society. A percentage of the proceeds from all our homemade dog treats goes to helping every pet find their forever loving home.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Positive reinforcement with Dog Treats

Gerbeaux Dog Bakery believes in positive reinforcement for your dog. You can do that several different ways and there are many techniques. You have to find the right way to give your baby a "atta boy" and how that will work with your dog. It is just like having kids, which way works best!

Positive reinforcement may not always mean that you give dog treats but dog treats used as training often times is the easiest way to train your dog. Sometimes you give your dog a treat as an expression of love but is great for rewarding your dog for good behavior.

Experts says that a dog can smell a dog treat from over 20 yards away. Gerbeaux Dog Bakery has come up with some wonderful healthy dog training treats that not only will train your dog, please your dog but also is good for them.

Charcoal Mint Dog Training Bites - these great dog training treats not only freshen your dog's breath with the charcoal and mint but are healthy and yummy. Great for puppy training and small breeds. Good ingredients such as :  
  • Rye Flour 
  • Barley Flour 
  • Activated Charcoal 
  • Peppermint 
  • Molasses 
  • Canola Oil 
  • Water

Peanut Butter Training Dog Bites - another great dog product from Gerbeaux Dog Bakery.
The peanut butter used is made in our bakery using 100% peanuts, nothing else added, and our cookies are always Wheat, Corn and Soy free. All of our dog training treats are available year around. 

Talk about yummy, our Dogs can't resist the sweet combination of Carob and Bananas! Our Carob Banana Dog Bones are made daily using wholesome, clean ingredients and are always Wheat, Corn and Soy free. All of our dog training treats come in bags that are sealed and can be re-sealed. Perfect to grab when we need them!

Interested in buying in bulk, simply fill out our Gerbeaux Dog Bakery wholesale form and we will send you your wholesale log in for savings!

For more information on training your dog with dog treats, visit Cesar Millan's website - great information for all the dog lovers and dog owners out there!