Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Mr. Lonely......

Summer has come to an end and school is getting started which means that, for some families, kids are leaving the home to go to school and or going off to college. This can be a tough time for everyone (Mom's, don't cry!) and even for your furry family member - he can get sad too.  

Dog depression is real and can lead to some unfortunate things in the life of your friend.

Here are some things to look for when determining if your pet is depressed:

Does your pet find joy in the things that used to make them excited? Dogs feel our emotions and reproduce them, in a way, helping to carry the load. When a family is sad to see a child leaving for school, dogs reveal their personal sadness by no longer participating in that game of Frisbee they used to love, swimming, or even by going on walks in the neighborhood.

  • Has your pet's eating and sleeping habits changed? If you have an active dog, you will most likely notice this the most!
  • Does your pet seem lethargic or mopey?
  • Do they sleep most of  the day?
  • Are they refusing to eat?

Thinking through these signs of pet depression can be critical in the well being of your furry friend. After all, losing a kid to college can be hard on everyone, help your pet get through it! Speak to your vet about what your concerns are and see what they suggest. Provide them some new dog treats when they participate in family fun. Anything that you can think of to bring them out of their shell.

Pet loneliness is real and if you see it, do something to help them out, after all they get down in the dumps too!