Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog!

Trick or Treat'ers can be a bit hard on your dog - so make sure that you know all the Halloween Safety Tips for your dog this spooky season!

According to the ASPCA there are several precautions to take this Halloween season to make sure that your little goblin is safe.

  • Make sure to keep all candy out of reach of your dog. No chocolate, no sugar and certainly no Xylitol (artificial sweeter). All can be dangerous for your dogs. 
  • Watch the decorations. Items such as scarecrows, corn, pumpkins etc. can all be fatal for your dog if ingested or "gnawed on". If you plan on putting a candle inside your carved pumpkin - your little can knock it over and or get burned.
  • If you have cords and or wires around for your decorations or lights - keep them out of reach from your dog. If your little spookster is a "chewer" - this could be a problem. Your dog can be burned or shocked and could be life threatening. 
  • If you are going to "dress up" your little ghost make sure that he or she is in a costume that doesn't cause undue stress to your dog. Dog Costumes can add a bit of un-easiness to your little one and then add the "knocking on the door" and the "yelling" of TRICK or TREAT!
  • When you open the door to the neighborhood kid's, make sure that your dog is in another room during those peak hours of Trick or Treaters. When the door is knocked or the doorbell is rung - your dog could get excited and could dart out the door. Keep in mind "stranger danger" - but in another way. You may not know how your dog will respond to all those kids!
  • Make sure that your dog always has on a collar and a dog tag. If your dog should get out, he will need to be able to be found. Without a dog id tag - it will be harder to locate him. 

Take care of your dog during this spooky season by taking extra Halloween precautions. Just a few simple steps will pay off! It would be devastating if something happened to him or her and you can avoid it by taking simple steps.

When all the "hoopla" is over - reward your dog with a healthy dog treat for Gerbeaux dog bakery!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dog Allergies - Not something to "sneeze" at!

As the leaves begin to change and the weather outside gets a bit more chilly and windy,  it is understandable why we love the season of fall and what goes with it after those long hot summers.

Unfortunately, there is something else. Allergies! It is true – dogs have allergies too and can have all the same symptoms that humans have. 

Dog allergy symptoms can be:
Itchy eyes
Sore throat

Common allergies of our dogs: In many ways, dogs allergies are similar to human allergies. GerbeauxDog Bakery provides healthy, all natural dog treats and they are made from all natural ingredients.

Common inhalants like dust, dander, perfumes, pollen, etc. all can cause a dog to have allergic reactions, as well as more uncommon allergies for items like plastic and rubber. That is why

Gerbeaux Dog Bakery provides dog treats that are Wheat, Corn and Soy free and made from healthy, simple clean ingredients. We want the best, not only for our pets but for yours too. Our healthy dog ingredients are listed below and includes foods that are healthy and nutritional for all of our pets.

Peanut Butter
Fruits and Veggies
Bacon and Egg
Canola Oil

Our precious Fall dog treat is made of our Peanut Butter recipe and topped with our sugar free Yogurt Icing. They are made when ordered and are always Wheat, Corn and Soy free.

Ingredients: Rye Flour / Barley Flour / Natural Peanut Butter / Organic Honey / Canola Oil / Water / Yogurt Icing.  Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 14% Crude Fat (Min.) 18% Crude Fiber (Max) 3% Moisture (Max) 10%   Made fresh using healthy, simple clean ingredients and Wheat, Corn and Soy Free. 

Pet allergies are not something to "sneeze" at so make sure that you reward your dog with good, healthy dog treats from Gerbeaux Dog Bakery!