Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Foods that are BAD for your little TURKEY!

 As much as we all love our Thanksgiving feasts there are certain things that are not good for your dog during our Thanksgiving festivities. We all know that getting together for Thanksgiving with family and friends is a great time with everyone passing out after the big meal but keep in mind to
watch your dog as you take your "siesta".

  • Do not give Bones to your dog. Sounds weird but it's true. Turkey bones, ham bones are all bad for your dog and could cause you a trip to the Vet. Make sure that when you discard the bones that they are thrown away where your dog cannot get them. 
  • No uncooked or raw turkey. Your dog can get salmonella bacteria from the raw meat. 
  • No Turkey skin. You are thinking that if you can eat it why can't your pet. Your dog cannot digest fatty foods and turkey skin and gravy can cause some serious tummy issues. 
  • No cookie dough or cake batter. The raw batter and or dough can actually rise in your dog's stomach and cause major abdominal pain.
  • No alcohol - bottom line. Alcohol can cause a rapid heartbeat, seizures and liver damage in your dog and it can be lethal. 
  • No Macadamia Nuts - these nuts are the worse and your dog can be affected so seriously that he might not be able to stand. 
  • No onions/ no garlic / no sage - trust us, these are all bad combinations.

Be on the safe side this Thanksgiving and all throughout the holidays and give your dog healthy dog treats from Gerbeaux Dog Bakery. All the dog treats are made with pet safe natural ingredients. To read more about Gerbeaux Dog Bakery's ingredients and why dog's love them, check out our website at and order some today in time for the holidays.

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