Friday, January 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Dog Cookies - Shop Now at Gerbaux Dog Bakery!

The holiday's of Christmas and New Years are over and it's time to settle down and get back into the swing of things. Many times during the holidays, our dogs might feel a bit neglected. We spend so much time shopping, cooking and with all the family and friends over - our little Cupid might get pushed off to the side. Of course we don't mean to put them "on hold", we are just so busy we don't have time to sit down and spend time with our little Cupid.

Because Valentine's Day is upon us, Gerbeaux Dog Bakery has some new Valentines Day dog cookies surely to be a smile on his or her face. Of course their love is unconditional and they don't mind being last on the list sometimes, but why not make them 1st on your list this Valentine's Day.

Gerbeaux Dog Bakery has great Valentine's Day Dog Cookies that are made with 100% healthy ingredients for our pets.

The adorable Lip Valentines Day Dog Cookie comes 6 to an order. These bright red lips are made with Gerbeaux Dog Bakery's Peanut Butter recipe and topped with Yogurt Icing. These holiday dog cookies are made when ordered and are always Wheat, Corn and Soy free. 

Shop our Best Selling Valentine's Day Dog Cookie - Whoooo Loves you dog cookie is packaged with 6 cookies per order and measures approx 4.5". The ingredients are: Rye Flour / Barley Flour / Natural Peanut Butter / Organic Honey / Canola Oil / Water / Yogurt Icing.

Whether you prefer (or your dog prefers) the iced dog cookies or the un-iced dog cookies, we can help with your little one's preference. Gerbeaux Dog Bakery's website - will tell you all about our wonderfully healthy ingredients and all about our Baker and Owner, Jennifer. 

From all of us at Gerbeaux Dog Bakery - Happy New Year!

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